Playpark Centrepiece


Ball Pool

Our Center Piece, standing tall 12 m above the ground and 20 m wide. The largest playpark for family of all ages and it’s specially designed around the joy of play.

Latumoci (Lulu, Amu, Tora, Momo, Cibi)

Join us for the main parade of our magical hidden land creatures. Lulu, Amu, Tora, Momo and Cibi will be followed by their friends, singing and dancing together with everyone

Story Telling by Kak Ariyo

Story telling is one way to better develop the mind of kids in early ages. Our story teller will do it for your kids at Fam Go Fest. Join us!

DJ Little Ale

DJ Little Ale, a Swedish-born Lebanese young star currently based in Bali. She picked up the art of DJing from watching her dad DJ for as long as she can remember. In 2017 she took the stage on primetime Saturday slot at Wonderfruit Festival. To stepped up her game, Ale recenty signed to a record label Bali Praia. Have we mentioned Ale is only eight years old? How cool is that!


A young talented Indonesian performer. Neona was born & raised from one of Indonesia Showbiz Royal Family. Starting from a very young age, her passion for acting, singing & dancing shone under her mother Nola "Be 3" supervision. Her adorable preformance stole a lot of attention & positive respons from her young fans


Performing on the main stage, Pinkfong is an adorable prince from planet Staria that will rock your children's world! Baby Shark is one of their mega hit out of their countless delightful & creative creations. Come & explore the world of Pinkfong

Inspiring Kids (Hey Blo)

There are lots of inspirational kids making the world a better place. Here, you will meet the kids who have achievement in various backgrounds such as: youtuber, game developer, etc


Robobeats Show is a live action educational show starring two musical astronauts Randy Danistha and Aryo Adhianto, and a costumed robot named AVRAN01 that featured a mix of musical performance, live remixing, interactive games, and dance. It also encourage the audiences to move along with and dance with the characters in the program


Moms and Baby Yoga (22 & 23 Dec, at 12:45-13:45)

Most babies enjoy movement, so the class is different from a traditional yoga class in that we spend the majority of the class in constant motion without holding one pose for too long. We also incorporate music, singing and gentle yoga stretches for baby. And there is a charge to join this class with more benefits. Book Your Spot